Get Help

To speak with someone at Lafayette House, call (800) 416-1772 or (417) 782-1772, day or night. Our staff can explain the many services we provide, and help determine what programs will best meet your needs. If you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

We offer safe shelter, counseling, community support, transportation and child care for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, and addiction treatment for women, including support services. We also offer treatment services through the Newton and McDonald County treatment courts.

If you are living in fear, are being abused at home, or are ready to end your addiction to alcohol or drugs, please call. You are not alone. Or, fill out the form here to receive an email response within 12 hours.

Safety Planning:
Make a plan to deal with an emergency, such as when you are threatened with physical assault.
Items to consider taking, if leaving:

* Identification for myself
* My and my children’s birth certificates/soc security cards
* Money, checkbook
* Medication/medical supplies
* Keys (house, car, work)
* Insurance papers
* Passport/work permit
* Divorce/separation papers
* Lease/rental agreement/house deed
* Children’s toys/stuffed animals
* Sentimental items/photos
* My personal safety plan