Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment:

Lafayette House provides three levels of women’s substance use disorder treatment, using the state of Missouri’s CSTAR (comprehensive substance abuse treatment and recovery) model.  Our program is unique in that women who enter our treatment center may bring their children with them during their stay. Admissions and services for pregnant women are prioritized.

Our program includes individual, group and family counseling, education classes, community support, transportation, and licensed child care.

  • Level 1 is the most structured and intensive rehabilitation, and is offered as a residential or outpatient program. The average length of stay is 30 days.
  • Level 2 is the intermediate level of care with an average of 45 outpatient days.
  • Level 3 is the least intensive level of service with an average stay of 90 days outpatient.

Fees for services are based on a sliding scale.  Please contact us via email here, or call for immediate help at (800) 416-1772.